Hier seit dem 5. Mrz 2006 und mit 30 Fotos dabei.

Sprachen Danish & English.
Beruf Graphic designer
Land Dänemark


Music, movies, friends, art, websites, music and music + music.


Dave Mathews Band, Downhere, Tower of Power, Norah Jones, Tina Dickow, Hush, Katie Melua, Tim Christensen etc.

Und sonst...

19 years, Lucas and located in Denmark. I love music and art more than anything! Let the photos describe the rest.

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Miss Stinna
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You can't hear me
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Play me !
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Grab me !
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Converses inversed
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Get out of my way !
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Turn My Volume Up
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B Tuff !
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waiting to die
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Drei gegen Einen
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action & ...
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42 Kommentare

Dot.ti - 19. Jan. 2008 12:05

I'm afraid you were a little too late... they already took it off Sad anyway, it was your photo "peekaboo"

greetinx! dot

Dot.ti - 3. Jan. 2008 09:49

hi Lulc,
this morning I found a family magazin with one of your pictures on the frontpage (your name is mentioned inside).

happy new year to you!

hui-buh - 19. Nov. 2007 17:39

Oh,ifyou say me why, of course..
I only have to look for it, because my extern mhm database ( or something like this Very Happy )
doesn`t work and perhaps do I have this foto on my pc! send me an email to

I will write back..

hui-buh - 19. Nov. 2007 14:02

Hey !
Of course do I have a version without greyscale Smile

But I think photocase didn`t want it..

Nice regards and thank you Smile

luh - 20. Juni 2007 14:13

thank u i hope u like them?!! Very Happy

møt - 12. Mai 2007 14:05

Nice Website! Smile

peter4 - 28. Apr. 2007 09:35


unbekannt123 - 18. Apr. 2007 22:55 glad u like it Wink

Fubby - 12. Apr. 2007 16:14

Thanks Smile This was my first Pic.

Gerti G. - 11. Apr. 2007 23:30

thx Wink

Jabou - 22. Mrz 2007 00:31

hey Smile yes, the second is cut out from the first and changed in the tones...was that a question?

prokop - 2. Feb. 2007 01:22

And, btw, I buddy you. You've got a bunch of cool pictures here...

prokop - 2. Feb. 2007 01:20

I don't even know what HDR is Wink If you mean the technic, where you make several pictures (underexposed, normal, overexposed) and match them together afterwards... no, I don't do that. I'm not a photoshop freak...

andreas bk - 31. Jan. 2007 18:31

das zweite fand'hi there...' ich besser,
wo isses geblieben?

störte dich der kommentar nr. 2?
nicht abschrecken lassen!
ich wills wieder haben!

Thomas K. - 22. Jan. 2007 15:53

Thx alot, same to you, man....

swampfever - 15. Dez. 2006 19:12

Sorry for not answering - I wasn't active here for quite some time.
Yes, it is a cello - perhaps it looks a bit larger because it stands in front on the pictures...

Madelein - 24. Nov. 2006 20:50

puuh .. good question .. I haven't thought about a special player .. but you have a face like someone. Really. you don't like football ? or do you play in your freetime ?

Madelein - 23. Nov. 2006 11:17

In this picture you looks like a footballplayer Smile

choko - 15. Nov. 2006 23:43

well u r right- actually one should think about that before they congratulate me for the picture... well the last pic with my friend on it was made by some guys i asked to take a foto of my friend and me.

nice pics =)

_dandelion - 3. Nov. 2006 11:55

Hi, sorry for answering that late. Last week I was down with influenza and not in office. Because of being not online at home, I wasn't able to write. Sad

_dandelion - 3. Nov. 2006 11:55

Hi, sorry for answering that late. Last week I was down with influenza and not in office. Because of being not online at home, I wasn't able to write. Sad

_dandelion - 19. Okt. 2006 15:56

You can write a mail to me: (Mandy-that's my name) Very Happy
Is your e-mail-address?

_dandelion - 19. Okt. 2006 13:53

Yes, hallo Freund! Very Happy Do you actually speak German? Did you learn it in school?
...Oh, 4 cases. So you really have to relish every cookie! Wink
How exciting! What did your dad do in NY?
Thank you for asking, but lately my days are very stressful, 'cause of lot of orders in our advertising agency.
What are you doing all day long?

_dandelion - 17. Okt. 2006 16:16

...Hello, new friend! Very glad... Mr. Green

_dandelion - 17. Okt. 2006 16:11

Oh really??? Can't believe it! Very Happy What a coincidence! I really love these cookies, but bying it in Germany is very expensive. Crying or Very Sad

_dandelion - 12. Okt. 2006 11:35

"Hah - a picture of me would never be accepted here"
Try it! Mr. Green As far as i can see on this yellow picture, you're pretty nice... Wink
My eyes are naturally blue. Thank you!

Schieti - 10. Okt. 2006 18:00

exactly Very Happy

AzulCielo - 9. Okt. 2006 00:10

i find its strainge,when i send u files where im singing on Very Happy.

Madelein - 3. Okt. 2006 13:17

my english is so bad xD Thanks for adding Wink - 3. Okt. 2006 10:34

hello, UNDO ME is super...
and your Photos also...

AzulCielo - 3. Okt. 2006 00:56

oh noooooooooooooo !! Very Happy...its sooo funny! you know,i´m halfphilippina and all the philippinos sing karaoke and it doesnt matter if u can sing or not Smile....u must know this! Smile

AzulCielo - 2. Okt. 2006 15:18

thank u! do u also sing karaoke? Smile - 1. Okt. 2006 22:39

Hello, you are the first Person I meet, who knows Jennifer Knapp...
, that's nice and she is really great...

Madelein - 2. Sep. 2006 23:10

Wow .. your pictures are nice, but you are .. a wonderful denmark-boy Wink I can't discribe it .. *red*

møt - 30. Aug. 2006 20:59

You like Tower of Power??? That's really, really kewl!!!
Nice pics, keep it up!

_dandelion - 30. Aug. 2006 13:12

Hey, how about a self-portrait at photocase? Very Happy

de stöffi - 9. Juni 2006 13:06

I like your style! ...and I'm anxious to more pics.
go big!!! yeahhh Smile

unclesam - 6. Juni 2006 11:20

Hi, very nice Photostyle. I like the sofa-picture.
Blessings, Sam

Ps: You´re added. Wink

pheebs - 20. Mai 2006 11:33

wow. nice pix!

Dschones - 19. Apr. 2006 23:54

Yes I am. What about you?

Yes, we all load thousands and thousands of pictures up. And you are always wondering, why this failed and this got through.

I like you website and i like your photos.

Jelka - 13. Mrz 2006 22:36

your website is very nice and your pictures too! I like your style!