Hier seit dem 11. Feb. 2006 und mit 13 Fotos dabei.

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Beruf Advertising and Digital Designer
Geburtsort Vitoria - ES
Wohnort Vitoria - ES
Land Brasilien


videography, photography, advertising, movies, rock'n roll...

Und sonst...

Digital Desginer currently working mostly with videography projects, opening title sequences, film and video editing and sincerely, forget my friend, It's NOT that fun AT ALL!!!... Come on buddy, to have a life is much more fun than that... lol ... all right... I love that shit, including this absolutely breathaway unbelieveble website who came to prove me: Brazil has much better soccer players, but GERMANS RULES in creativity!!!... GREAT WORKS!!!...

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35 Kommentare

katriina - 4. Okt. 2007 23:37

paz e saudações para vc.. Laughing)

Sarajane - 19. Sep. 2006 14:03

I like your pictures.

spacejunkie - 7. Mai 2006 12:56

There are fantastic pictures in your gallery!

stm - 27. Apr. 2006 15:33

thak you for your comment! your picts are also really great! are that your hands and feet?

xiaoma - 25. Apr. 2006 20:22

Hey Videografix,

I like your work! But the black hair and the glasses are brilliant! Go on like that!

kriegsflocke - 19. Apr. 2006 14:42

lol...first now I´ve seen your comment, ... darling, love you, too Wink
miss your pics at the moment...hope to see some soon
bye kriegsflocke

Jaku - 18. Apr. 2006 12:08

Great Pictures! I like this kind of style.

Jenzig71 - 14. Apr. 2006 05:29

Great works! thanks. Smile

snapper - 11. Apr. 2006 23:24

my genoius buddy! i`ve framed "black blues"! gimmemore gimmemore gimmemore .... Wink

GeorgMoik - 11. Apr. 2006 02:24

carrat, u're totally right! ramon u're so extraordinary, and this is really great. am looking forward to your nice comments and your fantiastic work! by the way .. i found vitoria by using GoogleEarth.. it seem to be a very nice place to live..

regards george

Dschones - 7. Apr. 2006 23:12

Oh Nononono...

Thank YOU for such kindness.

carrat - 7. Apr. 2006 13:17

lol, vall you Photocase-guys are so crazy Wink
It's incredible how many good pictures you have uploaded in so little time, Ramon. Hopefully we get many more!
By the way: Of coure you can add me to your buddy list, I've added you already Wink

videografix - 6. Apr. 2006 23:03

"schnarchzapfen" ??????

please, someone help me... what dos it mean????... Oh my GOD, is my mother envolved on it or not??? pleeeaaase... someone... HEEEELLLP... I'm actually really thinking to give up on this site... she doesn't love me anymore? Or she does? outch... Sad

come on... I'm joking!!!!!!!!!... yabadabadooooooo!!!....

Isabeau - 6. Apr. 2006 20:36

*lol... if i knew the right translation for the german word "schnarchzapfen", i would have called you like that for your comment in my profile Very Happy

so far, go on!

testfight - 5. Apr. 2006 16:02

hi ramon, thank´s for your nice comment. i think that some of your work here is very close to perfection, and i really love "release".

GeorgMoik - 3. Apr. 2006 22:04

no no... i don't want TROPICAL times Smile .. .. but this winter was very long .. unusual for our region.. (I live in south-east of Austria (rolling country)). Therefore I'm glad when it becomes warmer.

Where do you live exactly? I couldn't find Vitoria - ES in Brazil.

regards george

heytommy - 2. Apr. 2006 14:27

really good work, can't wait for your next pictures.. Btw. I've got relatives in Brazil..
regards, Thomas

pjanze - 2. Apr. 2006 13:28

Thank you for your comment! Anyway, did I ever mentioned, that you have an great portfolio? Wink I like it! And of cource, I added you to my buddylist, too. Greets from Peter/Germany

nicky_ - 2. Apr. 2006 10:08

you are welcome...obrigado para tais fotos agradáveis...
any comments to translate? nicky is going to be riiiight there Mr. Green

GeorgMoik - 31. März 2006 19:04

I'm glad to find myself on your buddylist.. Smile I like the life in austria. In winter we've snow in summer up to 35 C°. But at the moment I'm looking forward to warmer times Smile

kriegsflocke - 29. März 2006 22:24

by the way, thank you for your nice comments, all these things I give back ( I´m not sure, if that is all right, sry, my english isn´t that good, but I hope you understand)...thx a lot Smile

kriegsflocke - 29. März 2006 22:13

I love your pics, you have your own style and if I see a pic of you, I know that it is from you, before I see your name...continue and I hope I will see more pics like the others from you!
bye kriegsflocke

Tablediver - 29. März 2006 21:20

you have really uploaded a whole lot of amazing shots recently. keep it up!

nicky_ - 29. März 2006 21:00

gracias señor para tenerme en su buddylist!!! nice pictures i am soooo jealus... Smile

blue757 - 29. März 2006 19:04

Thanks for your comment - However, I can't say I understood all of it.
Nice work of yours: very expressive and a welcome extension to PC!

julia_f - 29. März 2006 15:24

of course, i added you allready to my buddylist

julia_f - 29. März 2006 14:39

great pics!!!

anchelito - 29. März 2006 12:13

very very very very nice pictures, man. you completely hit the amazement-unit in my brain. thx.
you're playing the guitar?

Aufseesianum - 29. März 2006 11:09

Yes, I'm a Grafic-Designer - yeeeehah! But most of the time doing rather boring stuff like Flyers and Catalogs.

Any chance we can see one of your video Projects?

martin-runkel - 28. März 2006 22:57

very nice pics.
a very good start at this platform!


snapper - 28. März 2006 22:49

I´m a bloody salesman. But i cant live without a sparkle of art. I´m into music, visuals and whatever warms up my heart. Lives a bitch, my friend!

snapper - 28. März 2006 22:34

I´m tickled! It`s always good to have buddies, dear Ramon!

snapper - 28. März 2006 19:31

great stuff videografix, i`m waiting for more.

calmate - 28. März 2006 17:17

Hola Ramón y bienvenido a Photocase! Muchas gracias por tus photos tan phenomenales (me encantan las de blanco y negro)....
Muchos saludos desde Suiza.... Matías - 28. März 2006 16:08

welcome to pc and thank you for nice pictures Smile

Isabeau - 28. März 2006 14:50

Thanks for these stylish pictures. Some make me smiling... Wink