Victor Bertolachini

Hier seit dem 19. Okt. 2006 und mit 18 Fotos dabei.

Victor Bertolachini
Sprachen Spanish, little English
Beruf Multimedia Design
Land Argentinien


James Joyce, Antonin Artaud, Eduardo Galeano, Octavio Paz, Manuel Scorza, Charles Bukowski, Dylan Thomas, T.S. Eliot, William Faulkner, Allen Ginsberg, Nikos Kazantzakis, Oscar Wilde, Fernando Pessoa, E.A. Poe, Baudelaire, Holderling, Etc...


David Lynch, Werner Herzog, Jim Jarmusch, Alejandro González Iñárritu, abbas kiarostami, Peter Greenaway, Wim Wenders, Fernando Meirelles, Jean Pierre Jeunet, Terry Gilliam, Stanley Kubrick, Jean-Luc Godard, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Pino Solanas, Tim Burton, Ettore Escola, Lars Von Trier, Pedro Almodovar, Alex de la Iglesia, ect...

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mathias the dread - 27. Juli 2010 16:55

Danke für dein reges Interesse, solltest du die Bilder kommerziell verwenden:

Bitte Info / Link / Belegexemplar an



nicolasberlin - 2. Juli 2008 01:09

bueno, ya averigue:

mandar entre una y tres revistas cuesta 6 euros.
si los quieres asegurados serian 8.50

nicolasberlin - 30. Juni 2008 20:08

voy a averiguar!
cuantas revistas quieres?

nicolasberlin - 23. Juni 2008 06:27

tengo una revista aqui en mis manos donde sale tu guapa (rostro) en la portada Smile

te avisaron? la revista se llama werkblatt.

mira, hasta encontre un link:

saludos desde berlin,

violavuole anima - 30. Mai 2008 06:46
slangt - 14. Jan. 2008 19:57

Doesn´t matter, thanks for the greetings, som greetings back from germany!
I really like your pictures are you a professional photograph?

Aloha ! - 14. Jan. 2008 16:01

hola, i ve been to argentina just a few weeks ago, i was great! where do you life in argentina?
all the best and nice greetings from europe!

dicknase - 24. Dez. 2007 10:52


wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year...

greetz, m

schiffner - 7. Nov. 2007 03:08

sorry about the late answer - thanks! But you doing your job as well as good! Wink

Jane* - 30. Okt. 2007 21:29

thanks Wink

dilalola - 28. Sep. 2007 17:03

muchas gracias, me encantan tus retratos

Jasmine Deporta - 13. Sep. 2007 17:25

Hey!! Thx for the comment, your pic have a huge expression! =D Nice day and greets to Argentina


view7 - 10. Sep. 2007 14:03

really nice great pictures!

akai - 1. Aug. 2007 18:37

Es ist fast soweit.....97...98...99.........mein 100.Foto kommt um Mitternacht! (freu!) LGJörg
My Photo Nr. 100 starts at midnight!

akai - 30. Juli 2007 18:13

Hello Titis,best regards from Freiburg/Germany!

106313 - 26. Juli 2007 19:08

thank you Wink

AllzweckJack - 26. Juli 2007 15:25

thanks for the comment, dude!

Nico_O - 29. Juni 2007 00:44

lo there, next time i'll comment in english Wink havent noticed it on your last pictures comment. Nice Gallery.

styling - 25. Juni 2007 14:32

Thx for your entry Wink

eyelab - 14. Juni 2007 15:39

...sorry...i think aufpasser means: overseer/prefect ?!...capataz/inspector/sobrestante !?

...the too dogs look like good overseer...

...muchos saludos de mi parte Very Happy

Jasmine Deporta - 7. Mai 2007 16:23

Hello! Thx for your nice comment, your pictures are great too!! =D Greets from Italy

Yvonnes_photos - 19. Apr. 2007 16:13

thank you very much for your comments.
you also have very nice pictures here.

caracol - 18. Apr. 2007 10:58

Hola Titis,

Gracias por tu comentario. Me gusta mucho tu estilo de fotografia - ojala que te dejan mostrar mas Wink

Saludos de mi tierra!

unicat. - 15. Apr. 2007 20:56

and you???
sun´s shing weather is sweet.

Jabou - 11. Apr. 2007 01:28

Hey Titis Smile whenever you come germany let me know! I ll be back in July . lets party Very Happy

fraueva - 10. Apr. 2007 10:19

thank you.

lama-photography - 9. Apr. 2007 18:11

Thanks for your comment Very Happy

Greetings back from Germany Wink

lara_ - 7. Apr. 2007 13:37

thank you Smile
nice pics.
greeting from germany

Jabou - 7. Apr. 2007 00:16

Hey Smile nice you like the portraits! greetings to south america

miel+azucar - 5. Apr. 2007 23:52

hola titis, no lo siento no fumo...pero me gustó la guagua (chileno Wink ) de juan. el ano pasado hice un semestre de intercambio en la universidad católica de chile, en santiago de chile. despues el semestre corré por latino amercia. y me fue a buenos aires y mendoza, y por supesto por chile (el sur y el norte) y un poco de boliva. me gustan tus fotos también.

peter4 - 5. Apr. 2007 21:10

Grazie per i tuoi commenti.
Tutta la serie e`stata realizzata in un "campo di raccoglimento" di profughi a Bolzano. In fondo in fondo tutti quanti siamo un po`anarchici.
Ti auguro una Buona Pasqua. Tanti saluti Peter

dudla - 5. Apr. 2007 16:20

hi titis,

oh, you put a new picture of you. nice, nice... Wink

you're right: "the unbearable slightness of the being" is best (and probably most commercial) book of kundera. the first time i tried to read it, i was only 13 years old and i didn't understand anything... Wink i found it on the bookboard of my parents and i liked the cover-pic of the "flying" hut.

thanx again for your compliments and a happy easter to you and your son Wink

miel+azucar - 5. Apr. 2007 12:09

hola titis, gracias por tu comentario Smile
creo que fue hembra porque su dueno es juan. juan estaba mi companero de piso en buenos aires. su bébé Wink
de dónde eres de argentina?

Dot.ti - 5. Apr. 2007 09:42

don't worry, just a joke. it means "view to the sea" Wink

triko - 4. Apr. 2007 11:30

hello titis!
thanks for adding me. great pics! i triy to load up more, but time time tim Smile
freets triko

dread kennedy - 3. Apr. 2007 20:11

You´re welcome Very Happy

Victor Bertolachini - 3. Apr. 2007 13:43

akai: I am the webmaster of, I make the photos the design and the programming... greetings.

choko - 2. Apr. 2007 11:56

ola - it's me again =)
where in argentina do u stay?!

akai - 1. Apr. 2007 16:05

Hi Titis,i found your beautiful girl-picture on the Alta Gracia-Website:

106313 - 30. März 2007 21:24

he, dude. In english again: "yeah a girl on a picture. It´s a revolution (not really). I don´t understand the hype. please explain it. I think that the other picture is much more interesting, much more better than this one. It´s not that "cheap". "

That´s my opinion. Don´t be worry. I like the other one ( ) very much. regards Inge

rockabella - 30. März 2007 16:22

i thank YOU for commenting my pics

Schiller34 - 30. März 2007 15:16

yeaahhh, nice pics dude Very Happy your work
greetz to argentina and free mumia!!!

freygeist - 29. März 2007 08:00

Great portraits! Like them.. Greetings to Argentina!

choko - 28. März 2007 21:13

hola =)
greetings back. eu vou tentar falar portugues e esperou que tu precebes...o teu filho e tao bonito. de onde tu tens as "models"- sao amigas tuas?
abraco da alemanha

dudla - 27. März 2007 14:54

hi titis.
thanks a lot for your comment Smile
i took a while to have a look at your pics and i think, they're really interesting. i like them. they have some kind of secret in it... the little boy: is it your son?
well titis, go on. i'm looking forward to new pics from you Smile

dicknase - 24. März 2007 21:06

hey...thanx for your comment...i like ya pics pretty much...big respect to the way "wanna be friends...?"

greetz to argentina! max

akai - 23. März 2007 19:02

Thanks for your commentary on my paragliding pictures.Are you pilot or passenger?You can see my selfmade photos from high above here:

desarte - 23. März 2007 18:57


Tenés fotos muy lindas, hay un niño precioso.

akai - 23. März 2007 17:16

Thank you for adding,you also are in my buddylist now.Lets have a good friendship and i hope to see a lot of exciting and beautifull photos from you!

BLINKBLINK - 23. März 2007 09:26

..gracias! ...go on! greets.

Jabou - 22. März 2007 20:25

hey thank you for the nice comment, i appreciate writing you, because i am staying in USA now for some month and used to speak english most of the time. i like your bikinimodel picture very much, its hot as fire! keep on workin,have a great day Titis

~mäxchen~ - 22. März 2007 13:45

No problem Wink Like it! Well done Smile Muchos saludos despúes Argentina!

cinematic - 21. März 2007 23:28

thx 4 your comment!

your pictures are marvellous Smile

go on cowboy!

i see you're a friend of good movies.

rolleyes - 21. März 2007 23:06

I don't know the right word... mhh.. wait...

jodofe - 21. März 2007 15:44

and thanks for greatings from argentine, i like your pics...
and greatings from berlin Very Happy

unseen - 17. März 2007 19:10

thanx a lot, greetings to argentina. guess you got better weather there

Elsabe - 15. März 2007 14:48

Thank you. My english is bad, but i like how you lough on your photo. Even if you tell all the girls in photocase that they are beautyful. Smile)
Bisous de Paris,

TT262 - 15. März 2007 01:17

thx you! =)

nice shots ;D

fraueva - 14. März 2007 17:28

selfportraits: pictues of you.

olkpolk - 13. März 2007 23:52

hola titis, muchas gracias por el comentario! no hablo espanol... pero aprendo... Smile
hasta luego

fraueva - 13. März 2007 20:33

you are welcome. please make some selfportaits for me. i like your face. the first foto of ella ist also very erotic.

moebio - 22. Dez. 2006 00:26

Saludos vbertolachini, gracias por tus comentarios, me encantaron también tus fotos. ¡Qué complicado es que acepten fotos en Photocase! Sigo en la lucha : )

gunki - 28. Nov. 2006 23:06

your fotos are coooooooool.

gunki - 28. Nov. 2006 23:03

gracias!! por el commentario.
ah, y mi harmana vieve en argentina...tambien

chinomaza - 9. Nov. 2006 20:06

Hola Hermano..
Realmente me encanta encontrar amigos que hablen español y podamos mostrarles en imagenes lo lisndas que son nuestras tierras y culturas.

Yo vivo en Santiago en Santiago y es un gusto encontrarte aquí.

Estamos en contacto.
Saludos a todos los amigos que hablan español aquí en Photocase !!!

choko - 9. Nov. 2006 12:52

oi commo estas? tambem podes falar portugues um pouco? obrigado pelo o teu commentario =)
bjos ~ choko

unicat. - 9. Nov. 2006 09:49

oh, thank you for your e-mail. To record in Argentina is a good idea. but i really have no many to travel or even to record it. I´m hoping that someday somebody here in Germany will help me. And than i travel to Argentina and meet you.
Take care unicat.

santiagoussei - 8. Nov. 2006 00:30

hola che culiado

Drakond - 6. Nov. 2006 21:49

Gracias por tu comentario. Tus fotos también son muy buenas. Saludos desde Córdoba (España)

andreas mang - 6. Nov. 2006 19:53

Thanks for the Comment!

cfranziska - 6. Nov. 2006 06:52

thanks for your comment!

Nele* - 5. Nov. 2006 21:41

thank you vor your comment ... i smile

stm - 2. Nov. 2006 10:48

thank you for your nice comment! i like your stuff also very much!

unicat. - 30. Okt. 2006 15:11

i meant "called" not alled, sorry.

unicat. - 30. Okt. 2006 12:34

you can find them by the´s alled unicat. music, when you´re on the homepage left.
thank you you youuu

Kathi* - 28. Okt. 2006 14:06

¡muchas gracias! Very Happy

calmate - 28. Okt. 2006 11:10

Buenos dias amigo! Tengo que pedirte perdon por mi ortogrfia, no escribo mucho en castellano.
Yo vivio y nazí en suiza (nazionalidad española), pero tengo un deseo dentro de mi, y es que me quiero marchar de aqui! Para el año que viene tengo la intencion de hacer un viaje a sudamerica por lo menos 8 meses! Quiero ver y entender vuestros paisajes y culturas. Aún ne esta fijo pero creo que mi viaje empezará en Argentina. Me encantaria seguir los pasitos por donde el Che paso. Al leer de tus encuentros con "Carlos Figueroa, Alberto Granado y Calica Ferrer" me quede con la boca abierta! Pensaba que Alberto vivia en Cuba? Señores que vivieron la historia, que impresionante!
Claro que me gustaria ver las fotos.
Yo mismo trabajo en una escuela de ingenieria de diversos ramos, y doi classes de informatica. Espero ver muchas mas fotos e impresiones tuyas, muchissimos saludos desde suiza!

hui-buh - 27. Okt. 2006 14:21

thank you very much ! YOU TOO.
nice regards

unicat. - 27. Okt. 2006 11:07

I am singer, but i produce my music by myself. did you hear me??

Schieti - 27. Okt. 2006 08:04

thank you very much!

blindfolded - 26. Okt. 2006 21:26

oh I've been to argentine twice ^^
a little cold in winter but nevertheless pretty amazing! love that little district in buenos aires (la bocca??? don't know)

thanks for the nice words Smile

freygeist - 26. Okt. 2006 19:34

Thank you very much for your comment Smile
I'm happy that you like my pictures Smile
Greets trin

kimako - 26. Okt. 2006 16:35

Hey.. gracias por tus comentarios, es bueno encontrar latinoamericanos por acá, yo soy mexicano viví en Chile, bienvenido y saludos!

montana - 26. Okt. 2006 16:14

thank you very much for your comment Smile

greetings from stuttgart-germany - 26. Okt. 2006 07:18


*Mia* - 25. Okt. 2006 19:10

thank you for your nice comment! Very Happy

Maren2006 - 25. Okt. 2006 14:48

it means sensual!
Hugs back to you.

unicat. - 24. Okt. 2006 09:59

i am sorry but i ´can´t speak or write spanish. That´s the way it is.

dephil - 23. Okt. 2006 23:02

that's surely tempting man! I definitely gonna keep that in mind when I'm about to travel south america! cheers!

es.war.einmal.. - 23. Okt. 2006 22:04

i don't understand Razz
what i just wanted to say is that ella kinda looks like jlo.

gooldfish - 23. Okt. 2006 19:44

muchas gracias for your nice comment!

olgagrivtsova - 23. Okt. 2006 15:45

Thank you very much Very Happy

unicat. - 23. Okt. 2006 12:50

hola.¿cómo estás?

hulibu - 23. Okt. 2006 12:33

Thank you for your nice comment!
Now I am waiting for your first picture!

dushy18 - 23. Okt. 2006 08:56

hi titis,

thank you so much for your comment!

please contact me again, if you are interest in writing emails with me (i love writing to people from all over the world!)

greetings to argentina, dushy Smile