Roger Solbakke

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I love composing stories through my viewfinder - Norwegian living in Bulgaria.

Bei Photocase seit 2022.

Nikon F
Nikon D90
Fujifilm XT3
Fujifilm X100T
Fujifilm X100F


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not at first, the system recognizes already uploaded files. so i change the color mood and the cut, or i wait a few weeks. ,-)

and there is a forum here, 'my unconfirmed photos', there you can post your rejected pictures and ask the other users what they think why it was not taken. this has helped me personally many times, especially tips that a picture needs more space, for example, or a different crop. but as i said, a lot of good images are rejected because they might get lost in the shuffle. and i think you make good images, i saw your bw photos in the portfolio. bw photos are actually quite happily accepted.

roger, neither of us understands the affirmation and rejection strategy. ))
never. even less since a new managing director took over photocase in 2019 to save it from insolvency. we are very grateful to him for the latter.

before that there was also a very low confirmation rate, but we knew - ok, photocase has its very own style, photocase was also known for that all the years,and they choose the images according to personal taste, that was also openly communicated that way. it was sometimes hard, but you were proud to be part of it. but there were no classic stock photos here, that's what i loved about photocase. reasons were never given, as with other agencies, because it was purely a matter of taste.

in the meantime, stock photos had to be included in order to survive on the market.understandable. and it is only a very small picture editorial team that sifts through thousands of pictures once a week.

sometimes - very rarely - i upload more than 50 or even 100 pictures and only get 3 confirmed, so the frustration is of course huge. and then it can happen, i upload only 30 and suddenly have 8 confirmation emails. the pictures that i myself find really good are of course never there, haha. for example, i didn't get any portraits confirmed for weeks, i knew they weren't bad pictures. but that's not the reason, it's what's often sought by customers at the moment, which is probably what the picture confirmations are based on. now i suddenly get portraits confirmed again. all the ones that were rejected before. i often upload rejected ones again, with small changes.

Ganz Herzlich Willkommen bei Photocase...🙋‍♂️